My Life Changed After Starting A Podcast

Do you ever wish there have been an easier strategy to reach your existing customers or clients?

Do you’ll want there was a less complicated way to reach others that can become your customers or clients?

If you then have a ministry outreach, a church or business – we have now the same issues, right? Reaching a lot more people!

When I entered the ministry back 1995, I thought I could just book a space at a hotel, promote the meeting inside newspaper and so on radio and possess the seats full.

And in six meetings that newbie, people stayed away because of the thousands!

You could place all of the attendees individuals first six meetings in a regular size bus.

It matters not what your goals is…

It is not important if you are wanting to fill seats in the church; fill seats in a online class or drive foot traffic with the door on your business.

If that looks like you and what you are experiencing, I can relate. You’ve seen my story above!

What I discovered back 2009 has transformed my entire life…

I truly know and understand the inspiration for which I’m gonna share with you got their start in God. I battled it i believe for weeks…

But, finally, I decided to go ahead and provides it a shot.

What I’m discussing is starting a podcast…

I didn’t even know just what a podcast was back 2009. I referred to it as my “online radio program.”

But, once I started, inside a few weeks, I had a following (and not merely my friends and family). What I was sharing was being heard in numerous locations across the country (after which from other countries across the world)!

Some of those people are still talking to me 11 years later!

My ministry efforts shifted from “traditional ministry” to “online ministry,” for the reason that it was easier to do and was very cost-effective.

Now, don’t misunderstand me…

I am not advocating that traditional church ministry is wrong or should change…

Far from using it. I’ve helped other churches and pastors grow their ministries by reaching others via online media.

People today are spending more times on his or her smart phones compared to they do enjoying the radio or viewing television!

You should meet people where they can be at as a way to share details about your business, ministry, products, services, etc.

You cannot loose time waiting for them to “discover you.” You cannot await them to “find you.” You cannot await them to come your way! YOU ought to GO TO THEM.

And Podcasting is definitely an cost-effective and properly doable method to accomplish just that.

Why do you consider so many big named businesses have established podcasts?

It is because they’re entering industry place where their clients and company is already operating – online!

For me, eleven years after my first “30 minute, online radio program,” we’ve got become a well established, online ministry resource for countless people every single year.

Look at merely some in the highlights:

Hosted my personal 30 minute radio program on nationwide AM radio!
Founded “Evangelism Radio” this year (listeners in over 160 nations and 50 states. Rated #1 inside the world on several occasions from the Christian Talk genre by
Began a meeting based podcast which is approaching 1000 published episodes within four years with almost 800 interviews.
Founded a Christian only Podcast Hosting & Marketing platform (
Started teaching other Christians the way to create and monetize their podcasts in 2014.
Speaking at Podcasting Conferences and Business / Leadership Conferences.
Numerous requests for television and radio interviews about our ministry.
I’m not to imply all of the to brag. It was by God’s Grace that doing this has evolved. I could never, inside my wildest dreams, imagine how our ministry evolved in the last several years.
But everthing started with me at night making ONE DECISION…

Finding out “the best way to launch a podcast.”

Not just any podcast. I wanted to file for a CHRISTIAN PODCAST. That is what my heart was saying.

When you follow your heart, you may be amazed at just what the Lord are able to do with the results. If it is beginning a podcast, research how you can get started.

If you choose information on the process, browse the resource box below and make me aware. I’d be happy to help.