Podcasting Can Help You Recession Proof Your Income

You begin to see the nightly news, much like I do.

There is turmoil in your cities.

There is turmoil as a result of COVID, lock-downs and riots.

There is turmoil for the overall design. Some big named stores cannot get inventory that had been recently assumed. Some grocers cannot stock meat, fish along with items in demand.

Some companies and small business owners cannot find individuals work! Some businesses have suffered so much that they are closing or decreasing even more!

Many individuals are in flux between losing their jobs, their properties – their stability…

This is not a unique situation. COVID will be the factor that initiated the issue, but it’s not the tip of all things.

If that you are honest, you may look back in the last 20+ many see the cycle.

In 2001, what actually transpired? September 11, 2001…

Seven years later, 2008, so what happened? Stock market crash and recession…

Seven years later, 2015, what actually transpired? China wall street game crash; Euro crash – and this impacted our wall street game and economy…

Seven years later, where shall we be? COVID induced financial collapse above (once we briefly outlined above)…

How can creating a podcast shield you from what on earth is happening?

Because people who prepare now, to possess some type of internet business, will start to insulate themselves from doing work for others – being employed by themselves. This is not very easy to initiate if that you are fighting off problems and still have your back contrary to the wall.

But if you might be prepared if the problems arise, then you’re positioned to help people who failed to organize! And a podcast will let you establish such a positioning.

How can a podcast enable you to?

By dealing with whatever passion you’ve got, at this time. If your passion is fixing cars, babysitting or cooking, somebody is required their car fixed, should either start babysitting to earn some extra cash or start cooking more in your house rather than buying eating out or purchasing junk food.

And when you start a podcast on whatever passion you could have, you may begin to find out your credibility and expertise that individuals will be looking for soon! This is something that you are able to do, preparing now, that can be a blessing to individuals that will need your help soon.

But when you fail to arrange, you may be participating in the issues and will not stay in a position to become blessing to others. But in the event you take enough time to prepare now, you could potentially cushion the impact the financial collapse could have on you you.

But when you fail to arrange now…

Where are you gonna be?

Podcasting is just a way you’ll be able to share your expertise, make your authority and initiate generating a following. Podcasting is not difficult (if done right), an easy task to set up (if performed correctly) and very easy to market (again, if done right).

I’m preparing to share most of my knowledge that I’ve accumulated during the last 11-12 years to assist those that would like to protecting themselves while you still can. The collapse is arriving. The problems happen to be starting to appear within the horizon and they’re headed our way.

And the cycle is originating around and is particularly visible to anyone who takes any time to study against each other.

I Don’t Recommend You Buy Special Equipment When You Start Podcasting

I’m often asked “What form of special equipment should I buy to get started on my podcast?”

My response is always exactly the same, “Nothing. Buy nothing!”

This usually disagrees almost all of the “guru’s” advice they’ve been reading.

“If you would like better quality of sound, buy this mic… “

“You need these special headphones or headsets… “

“You need editing software to edit your files before publishing… “

“You need this and that along with the other thing, too.”

“Oh, and also you need my “start your podcast” coaching program, too… “

When I’m asked that question, I explain the direction they (and you also) may turn podcasting while using equipment you already possess. You do not need to acquire any special equipment. You do not need a much better computer, better software, better microphone – none of the!

If there is a cell phone that includes a microphone, you will find there’s good chance you do have a recorder included. If not, you have download a recorder app. Now, you’ve all you need to record a podcast (at the least starting out).

You are able to use your cellular phone to record yourself or while doing a meeting with someone else. You will use it to record video and post it to YouTube inside your podcast. You can make use of your cellphone to record right to some podcast hosting platforms (they alter all of the time so I’m not likely to name names here).

The point I’m trying to find you to understand is never to spend money buying special equipment if you are first venturing out. The main reason is another very important reason.

You have no idea of if you enjoy podcasting soon you actual start podcasting.

If you make payment for several hundred dollars on equipment, software, etc. and after that join 50%+ of individuals who do not even reach ten published episodes, what have you achieved?

That fancy $200 microphone over a swing boom arm? It now serves as a fancy hat rack!

Do who you are a favor. Do not spend cash needlessly on equipment and soon you know podcasting is one thing that you desire to continue. But you won’t truly know that point and soon you start podcasting. So start while using equipment you already possess!

Most individuals have a laptop or computer. Use the built-in recorder for the reason that system. Use the record function on your mobile phone. If you need to edit your files, use Garageband or Audacity (both of them are free and work very well).

Only when you’re conscious of for sure that podcasting is a thing you will be doing on the regular basis, in the event you invest in better equipment. Then simply then, get some new equipment, one piece each time.

The purpose for those upgrades should be to improve the company’s final product. Do not purchase equipment because some “guru” says “this may be the next best thing.”

If you could have any questions, just ask! Use the bio box below to obtain additional information.

My Life Changed After Starting A Podcast

Do you ever wish there have been an easier strategy to reach your existing customers or clients?

Do you’ll want there was a less complicated way to reach others that can become your customers or clients?

If you then have a ministry outreach, a church or business – we have now the same issues, right? Reaching a lot more people!

When I entered the ministry back 1995, I thought I could just book a space at a hotel, promote the meeting inside newspaper and so on radio and possess the seats full.

And in six meetings that newbie, people stayed away because of the thousands!

You could place all of the attendees individuals first six meetings in a regular size bus.

It matters not what your goals is…

It is not important if you are wanting to fill seats in the church; fill seats in a online class or drive foot traffic with the door on your business.

If that looks like you and what you are experiencing, I can relate. You’ve seen my story above!

What I discovered back 2009 has transformed my entire life…

I truly know and understand the inspiration for which I’m gonna share with you got their start in God. I battled it i believe for weeks…

But, finally, I decided to go ahead and provides it a shot.

What I’m discussing is starting a podcast…

I didn’t even know just what a podcast was back 2009. I referred to it as my “online radio program.”

But, once I started, inside a few weeks, I had a following (and not merely my friends and family). What I was sharing was being heard in numerous locations across the country (after which from other countries across the world)!

Some of those people are still talking to me 11 years later!

My ministry efforts shifted from “traditional ministry” to “online ministry,” for the reason that it was easier to do and was very cost-effective.

Now, don’t misunderstand me…

I am not advocating that traditional church ministry is wrong or should change…

Far from using it. I’ve helped other churches and pastors grow their ministries by reaching others via online media.

People today are spending more times on his or her smart phones compared to they do enjoying the radio or viewing television!

You should meet people where they can be at as a way to share details about your business, ministry, products, services, etc.

You cannot loose time waiting for them to “discover you.” You cannot await them to “find you.” You cannot await them to come your way! YOU ought to GO TO THEM.

And Podcasting is definitely an cost-effective and properly doable method to accomplish just that.

Why do you consider so many big named businesses have established podcasts?

It is because they’re entering industry place where their clients and company is already operating – online!

For me, eleven years after my first “30 minute, online radio program,” we’ve got become a well established, online ministry resource for countless people every single year.

Look at merely some in the highlights:

Hosted my personal 30 minute radio program on nationwide AM radio!
Founded “Evangelism Radio” this year (listeners in over 160 nations and 50 states. Rated #1 inside the world on several occasions from the Christian Talk genre by Shoutcast.com).
Began a meeting based podcast which is approaching 1000 published episodes within four years with almost 800 interviews.
Founded a Christian only Podcast Hosting & Marketing platform (FaithCasters.net)
Started teaching other Christians the way to create and monetize their podcasts in 2014.
Speaking at Podcasting Conferences and Business / Leadership Conferences.
Numerous requests for television and radio interviews about our ministry.
I’m not to imply all of the to brag. It was by God’s Grace that doing this has evolved. I could never, inside my wildest dreams, imagine how our ministry evolved in the last several years.
But everthing started with me at night making ONE DECISION…

Finding out “the best way to launch a podcast.”

Not just any podcast. I wanted to file for a CHRISTIAN PODCAST. That is what my heart was saying.

When you follow your heart, you may be amazed at just what the Lord are able to do with the results. If it is beginning a podcast, research how you can get started.

If you choose information on the process, browse the resource box below and make me aware. I’d be happy to help.

The Dog Always Thinks I’m Talking to Him

I have two dogs, “Snappy” and “Epo.” They are both great dogs in addition they have distinctive personalities. That is what brings about unique.

“Epo” is incredibly kicked back, takes all things in stride. Her thought of hanging out with me is generally laying right within my feet. Sleeping while I am working away at the computer or doing interviews. 99% of that time period, nobody even knows the girl with in the same room when camping while we are talking on Zoom or other platform.

My dog, “Snappy” could be the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic dog, too! But, sometimes, he’s annoying – but he doesn’t imply to be. He’s a legitimate very attentive dog. Sometimes, an excessive amount of so!

I most often have to shut the entrance to my office when I am conducting a job interview on my podcast or ending up in a podcast training client. I should keep him outside of my office at days gone by.


He might be laying on the ground or inside other chair, calm and easily chilling.

But when I start addressing someone on laptop (through Zoom or Skype), he thinks I’m speaking to him! Even though I’m looking at the pc, he believes I’m wanting to communicate something to him.

He then comes over, scratches within leg to mention, “I’m here.”

When I ignore him, but continue speaking for your interview in order to my client, he actually starts to bark! He’s attempting to tell me, “I’m here! What does one want?”

If I keep ignore him, he’s going to then jump up on my small lap! This totally interrupts the conversation and I must stop and hang him beyond the office. He won’t lay backpedal because he believes I’m conversing with him! Amen!

He’s seeking to tell me, “I’m in this article! I’m listening! What would you enjoy me to try and do?”

Epo, on additional hand, is only ignoring everything unless I speak straight away to her. If I call her name, she looks up all of which will come over.

Can you observe “us” as example? Our relationship to God is only as simple because this example of the 2 main personalities of my dogs!

Some people undergo life, ignoring everything around them unless God specifically does something to obtain their attention. Something that affects them directly.

They might have to go to church, read their Bible, pray occasionally. But, with the most part, these are in their own little world and unless something speaks straight away to them, God is “over there” and “I’m over here.”

These folks are inside same room as God (as they say), however content with living life by themselves terms. They let God on-site visit to them before they react.

Other consumers are so tuned into God that after something is alleged, whether or not it applies directly to them or not, they wish to jump into action immediately! They want to please God in everything they certainly – when it deals directly making use of their callings or somebody else’s calling, they want to become involved.

We should help others, don’t get me wrong. But we also should let them DO their calling without us seeking to interject ourselves in to the conversation. It is THEIR calling, not ours. It is our responsibility to present help – when asked!

Just like my pups! One wishes to interject his opinion in everything – even if his opinion will not be asked for. What happens? He gets shut away from the room. No access.

The other pup could there be. Silently listening, doing her very own thing. If I need her, I call her. She responds immediately and it is willing to interact if required.

This refers to your podcast also.

You stands out as the expert of what you do and you are therefore able to help others do that “thing” likewise.

But, does one offer your advice as “gospel truth?” Or will you offer becoming an option for some to consider?

Does God have to put you in “time out” simply so He can finish a work He is doing in another person? All simply because you feel it is a personal “Christian duty” to provide your opinion (if it is needed or otherwise not)?

Or would you allow yourself for being “available” if someone else does need your help? Someone can be doing something that you are a pro at. That does not mean you interject yourself into your situation. You can give it time to be known you might be available as required. Allow them to increase the risk for first request assistance. Then, offer your guidance on the issue taking place. Do not try to consider over their podcast.

This is particularly true in the event you a guest on the podcast!

Make yourself available. Give information as asked and never think you recognize all in the answers to every problem someone discusses. If one does, you’ll find yourself like my dog “Snappy.” On the outside and not capable to participate anymore with this particular person and what they are seeking to accomplish.

Podcast For Content Marketing

Creating useful content to your audience can be your number one job on the subject of creating your site content marketing strategy.

A simple method to create more content articles are to start a podcast. Podcasts are helpful given that they give your audience a new solution to connect together with you and get to understand you. Plus, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a possible industry leader, making the information production useful to your audience so you. That’s a win-win.

  1. Connect with Your Audience over a New Level

When you host a podcast, you’ll connect with your audience differently than for those who have only a text-driven blog. You can talk with them more directly and show your personality better, and you’ll be able to connect with these longer and wherever they may be.

  1. Your Audience Can Listen around the Go

A really awesome aspect of podcasts that the audience can tune in to your podcast everywhere at any time. They could listen on the run, while cleaning house, driving in the vehicle, or a variety of other locations. You can be with them with a regular basis because they live their lives.

  1. You Can Share Longer Content with Your Audience

When your audience reads your website post, they don’t stick around most likely if the post is just too long. But, once you have a podcast they will focus on useful information for a lot longer than they’ll spend reading. You can have an hour-long podcast easily. You can supply a lot of information within an hour.

  1. Interview Movers and Shakers

Industry leaders try to be interviewed on podcasts. If you have an appropriately-niched podcast, you’ll be able to invite these phones be interviewed on your own show. When you get to understand and connect to leaders such as this, you start out being seen as an leader. Some people refer to it as the “Oprah Effect”.

  1. Get Invited to More Events to Speak

As you stick to your needs podcast over a good schedule, providing entertainment, information, engagement and useful information for a audience while connecting with industry leaders, you are likely to notice you eventually get invited to dicuss at events additionally, on other podcasts. This will develop your audience bigger and faster.

  1. A Great Way to Repurpose Content

If you’re stuck for content ideas, a podcast can easily all that. As you create even one podcast, it can become fodder for blogs, eCourses, as well as other content in the event you repurpose it. Plus, you’ll be able to repurpose content which you already have on your podcast.

  1. Stand Apart from Your Competitors

There are a lot more blogs than you can find podcasts. More than likely there are no longer as many that have blogs and podcasts. This will make you get noticed against your competitors and allow you to jump ahead.

  1. You’ll Give Your Business a Voice

You’ve probably heard that you just need to find your “business voice”, but sometimes that could be harder than you believe. But, in case you have a podcast, your personality about the podcast will end up your business’s voice.

  1. It’s Easy to Get Started (and Inexpensive)

Today, starting a podcast that sounds super-professional doesn’t take a great deal of money. Most of the technology is probably on your own mobile phone already. But, the good thing to do is start, and build after that when you feel you may need more.

Play Music On My Podcast

Previously, I covered the question “Why Can’t I Play Music on My Podcast?”

Today, I just want to clarify another misnomer I have often heard, and that is about “Fair Use.” It will usually have the form of “It’s OK if I only play 15 or 20 seconds of an song, right?”

Now, again, before I get into this tricky question, permit me to begin this answer using this type of legally important statement.

I am not only a lawyer. I do not offer legal counsel. The information I am providing here shouldn’t be considered as legal services. I am only offering this as my perspective with this topic. If you wish to know the legal side with this issue, I urge to discover a qualified attorney as part of your locality.

OK, seeing that has been covered, ok, i’ll get back to the question, “Can I Play Music Under Fair Use Rules?”

This is really a term in which you are permitted to play a restricted amount of copyrighted music without specific permissions from the copyright holders. But, this is often a vague rule and is particularly often interpreted while on an individual basis. You will not be positive about this if you what you’re doing is legal or you cannot until AFTER you are delivered to court plus a judge rules with your individual case.

Yes, it’s that vague…

In a nutshell, here are a few factors that may work as part of your favor…

One, is in the event you are doing evaluation some sort. Let’s say your podcast blogs about the latest music releases something like that. You are probably OK to experience a short (and I mean very short) snippet of music to debate. Let’s say a drum solo most of way from the song. Something like that “might be OK.” Notice – I said “might.” Not that it IS OK.

When delivered to court, if this describes all the copyright holder is wearing you, it is going to probably go well available for you. But then, you have to look at the cost involved simply to be approved to learn that little 20-30 second clip of music. It probably would have been cheaper to simply purchase the copyright. I mean, lawyer and hips, time involved. Travel, depositions, etc.

“Well, brother Bob, I’m a small podcaster and I don’t possess that many people following me. Surely, they’ll not waste their time chasing after me, right?”

When you initially start out, chances are you’ll just have a few followers. But there is no podcaster I am aware of these doesn’t follow their download numbers which is always dreaming about more. What happens if, few months from now, your podcast goes viral?

Every subscriber has access to all your episodes. If one of such just is one from the artists inside music on the podcast, they can decide to see in case you are actually paying their royalty fee. They earned it. It is portion of their income. You are legally instructed to pay it.

In this situation, because from the number of downloads you could have now received, a legal court “could” hold you accountable for damages. How much? (Again, inside my best lawyer voice… that will depend… ).

If you’re a private, non-commercial podcaster who has been truly acting in good faith rather than trying to market the song, brand the song, etc. You could basically fined about $500. But – it’s up beyond this concept!

If you had been using it a poster endeavor, such as section of your coaching program, etc., the fines may be up to $150,000 if not more.

And allow me to add, that is certainly $150,000 PER SONG!

In certain instances, the courts have determined there is usually a fine PER EPISODE the song played in!

Now, I’ll simply use my podcast, “The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast,” as one example. For the record, I use music that I hold the rights to. But, let’s just say I picked a song from of the most popular groups and used a shorter 30 second clip within the open and close. That is two uses in each episode. I have over 900 episodes. That is 1,800 uses.

Even at $500 fine per use, (the bottom end with the fine spectrum) I would be checking out $900,000 in fines if I was discovered guilty of willfully violating the copyright and royalty laws. I am not saying here is the fine I would receive. But here is the amount I could possibly be facing if I was delivered to court and found doing willfully violating legislation.

This is the reason why, for my podcast training clients, I emphasize how important it really is to pick the rights make use of the music when coming up with their intro’s and outro’s. Or make use of “Royalty Free Music” which you do the same thing from the platforms offering that music. KEEP THE LICENSES on file! Just in case.

Why Can’t I Play Music On My Podcast?

This is a question I’m often asked by those just launching their podcasts. It is a crucial question then one that also has legal ramifications. So, ok, i’ll begin this answer using this legally important statement.

I am not only a lawyer. I do not offer legal services. The information I am providing here mustn’t be considered as legal services. I am only offering this as my perspective with this topic. If you want to know the legal side on this issue, I urge to discover a qualified attorney within your locality.

OK, seeing that has been covered, ok, i’ll get back to your question, “Why Can’t I Play Music on My Podcast?”

The response is – YOU CAN be a guitrist on your podcast! The only qualification is you must own the copyrights on the music. In other words, it ought to be music you created. That means writing the songs, the lyrics and performed or recorded a similar. With nobody but you in the music activity.

Now that any of us eliminated 99.99% on the public from that group of music professionals, let’s address ordinary people in how WE can be a musician on our podcast.

First, an instant background.

Radio stations involve streaming music with their listeners. If you are paying royalty and licensing fees for the large firms that handle this type of thing inside the United States, there is a ability to stream music that is certainly released inside the United States. If you pay Sound Exchange, you will find the right to publicly perform the songs that is released inside the United States. It is these rights that permit you conduct Internet streaming or “Internet Radio” kind of operation.

I say “United States” because each country possesses his own laws and copyright and royalty laws and organizations.

Which does mean, because you have permission to experience (stream) this inside the United States, you don’t need the directly to do so overseas.

This is the place where it gets complicated for online platforms, for example podcasts.

To get even more complicated, podcasts will not be considered “streaming platforms.” Nor is he considered “public performances.”

Under the “Copyright Act,” a recording does not require the public performance right, instead it covers the to certainly “reproduce” the project or sound recording.

Then, to consider it a pace further, as the songs is together with the other parts of your podcast (i.e. speaking, teaching, etc.), you’ve changed the essential purpose of the background music from its intended creation and repurposed it for a use. This invokes a different form of copyright. You now need the directly to change it, to create “master rights.”

You have often heard modern versions of old songs we loved as kids, right? These artists obtained the “master rights” to make this happen. Master Rights have to be purchased individually through the copy right holders. Which is the publishers of the music activity and the record company for your sound recording. You must negotiate with everybody for each song you need to use.

In your next segment, I’ll focus on that pesky little phrase of “Fair Use.” You know, like only using 15 or 20 seconds of one’s favorite song inside your intro our outro.